AR Stylists

Two Girls Changing Buffalo One Wardrobe at a Time

Wardrobe Stylists and Personal Shoppers based in Buffalo, NY

AR Stylists, started by Alexis Staub & Amanda Cataldi in 2013, provides wardrobe styling and personal shopping services for men and women looking to enhance their individual looks.  We are the first business to offer both of these services in the Western New York area.  We are two girls with a passion for everything fashion & shopping with a mission of changing Buffalo one wardrobe at a time.

Why hire a personal stylist and/or personal shopper?

Have tons of clothes but never have anything to wear? Or do you wear the same tired outfits over and over again?

When you shop do you find that you can never find anything that fits just right?

Entering a new phase of your life and your clothes don't "fit" anymore?  Whether you are transitioning from student to professional, changing careers, newly pregnant, or embracing a change in body shape/size?

Have an event to attend and need help finding that show-stopping look?

Freaked out about making a decision about wedding attire? Nobody wants to look back at wedding photos and say, "what was I thinking?"

We can help! Whether it's streamlining your current closet to make it easier to get ready for the day, or taking the headache out of shopping, we are here for you!