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I don't shop a whole lot online, simply because it is impossible to know how something will fit.  Of course, you can buy a size up than your "normal" size, and have it tailored, but to be honest I'm likely to not get around to doing that.  However, sometimes there are sales that are just worth that trip to a tailor.  Enter the only consistent site that I have found with amazing (like Marshalls/TJ Maxx clearance amazing) deals is  Yes, I have an example.  Today there are several Nicole Miller dresses up to 85% off!  85%! And this site allows you to sort the items by the percentage off, which I love.  Below are some off the Nicole Miller dresses that they are offering that I personally liked (and all are 81%-85% off the retail price)  I should add that these are not going to be spring dresses, but a dress that you may put away for the fall/winter, or for a special occasion.