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J Crew, the Outlet Version.

It was a sunny Friday, Good Friday, to be exact. I agreed to take my 15 year old cousin to the Niagara Factory Outlets in Niagara Falls, NY, to spend some of her birthday money. While walking through the sea of millions of people that were also at the mall, we passed by J Crew. I am constantly drawn to their crisp shirts, classic lines, and bright, preppy colors. So, I dragged my 15 year old cousin into the store so I could get my fix.

I was so thrilled when I found out that the entire store was 50% off. My eyes started wandering and my hands started grabbing hangers. I got everything in a size 12, which is the largest size the store carries, and went to the dressing room.

I first put on the soft, tailored button down chambray shirt with the eyelet bright pink pencil skirt, and, being busty, the shirt puckered. The skirt fit perfectly, though, but was not very forgiving if I were to eat lunch. The shirt is originally $62.50 and skirt $85.

I then put on the Kelly green "matchstick jeans", which were my size, actually slightly larger than I normally wear, and was not too thrilled. They didn't even go over my thighs. You need to be a matchstick to wear them. I also put on a yellow cotton  sundress which wouldn't even zip up my back, also a size 12. I then put on my last item, an elastic waisted shirtdress, with buttons on the top half. I loved the vibrant color and feel of the dress, especially if you put a blazer over it or long cardigan it can be office appropriate. I then noticed where my eyes went- to the pucker of the buttons in the chest area. I'm starting to see a trend here... The dress is on clearance for $44.97.

Overall, the items are adorable, but not made for girls with curves. J Crew should at least realize that as a girl that is a size 12 has different needs than a girl that is a size 2. Or the 00 that I saw so much of. I propose that slight changes should be made to the larger sizes so that they are more flattering. I realize that this is ready to wear, but eliminating buttons or putting more buttons on isn't too much to ask. J Crew is not made for girls with curves, which is disappointing being that the majority of the female population is made with curves. I am not plus size, but I am also not a size 2. I am a normal girl, and finding clothing in the stores I love is not easy. But I just have to repeat my mantra, it's not me, it's the clothes. 

I have been seeing a trend lately with button down shirts puckering and being ill fitting. I will be going on a shopping trip to a few stores to find button down shirts that work for girls with larger busts. I hope to be successful and cannot wait to share the results with you! Happy Easter!