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Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa

I was pretty excited to hear that JC Penny (JCP) was featuring a new designer line by Georgina Chapman (of Marchesa). I was not quite sure what this line was going to look like.  Marchesa gowns are gorgeous and intricate and formal.  Marchesa definitely brings to mind red carpet visions, so I was not sure what I would find at JCP.  When I saw the display at JCP, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  The dresses were definitely not what you would normally find at this department store.  As I started browsing and choosing the dresses I would try on, I heard several people passing the dresses making comments-things along the line of, "OMG, that's awful".  I said nothing, and I was the only person in the dress department trying on (about 15) of the "Pearl" line.  Only one toddler in passing thought the same thing as I did, "ooooh, mommy that is sooo pretty!" I really liked just about every piece I tried on.  I do have to say that overall the dresses seem to be geared toward teenagers and prom, but there are also some separates that are less prom-y.  There are also some little black dresses that would work for other occasions. 

This peplum dress was really cute. It did have some boning in the bodice, which helped it to fit nicely.  This was a size six, and really fit perfectly.  I really like this dress, but, like a lot of these dresses, it is really short.  I feel like this is more for the teen-twenties crowd, not for this old lady.  It retails for $70.

I love the pale pink color of the dress.  I'm usually not super crazy about one shoulder dresses, but this one with the oversized flowers is fun and cute and young.  Again, really short.  Retails for $70.

This was one of my favorites.  I love simple with a little something to make it unique.  See the picture below for the back of the dress, which is low cute, and has a bow (that is detachable).  This is one of the few dresses here that could be a bit more versatile, and is also pretty classic.  Yes, it is short, but at least it is not short, and tight.  I think I can pull it off for another couple of years.  Retails for $70.

The back of the dress----------->

This was a really cute romantic-look type of dress.  Lace and ruffles, and a bow all in one dress! I think it is cute-this probably would have been my favorite dress at the age of 15.  This is a short one too.  Retails for $70.

This beaded illusion dress was one that I actually liked better on the hanger.  There is no real waist definition on this 60s looking dress.  The beads on the front were a little to big for my taste.  The other weird thing about this dress was the way the bust darts were sewn-it was very reminiscent of Anne Hathaway's pink Prada dress (from 2013 Oscars).  Not a look that I would want to wear, but maybe it was just how it fit on me... or maybe this is a new trend (I hope not).  I don't hate this dress, I think it would actually probably look really cute on someone else, like Twiggy. $70.

A tea-length dress! I really wanted to love this dress, because I like the sillhouette and the tulle fabric.  I even appreciate the spaghetti straps.  The huge flower...maybe it will grow on me.
Retails for $110.

This definitely says "prom" to me.  I can't think of any other place where I would wear it.  It is a fun prom dress.  This picture doesn't do the dress justice, though.  It would likely fit better than this-a size 2 or 12 were my options, and I was optimistic! The size 2 was way too small, so I am holding it up in the back. $250 for this dress.

I love pretty much everything about this dress.  The 50s look of it, the illusion top, the full, fun organza skirt.  I also like that the top of the dress is not super tight right above the waistline, but rather a little blousy, making it look like it could be a skirt and blouse instead of a dress.  This also wasn't quite as short as some of the other short dresses, coming a couple inches above my knee.  $110.

I liked this simple strapless chiffon-like dress with beading.  It is a pretty classic dress, and I think could work for a range a ages for a formal event.  $110

I really like these separates, but not really together.  The shorts are really cute, and a good lenth.  The jacket I also like, but I would pair it with something less frilly.

Last is a jumpsuit.  I really like this.  I think I was most excited about this because I know I am going to find this on the clearance rack in a couple of months! I think it would be a fun alternative to a dress for a semi-formal event. I would play around with different belts with this, and maybe pair it with a jacket.  Retail price is $90.
Overall, I really liked this line, and would love to see another season of it! Click here for a link to view the entire collection: Pearl by Georgina Chapman