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Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohl's

I love Vera Wang, I really do. She knows what looks good on women; she gets it. So, I was thrilled to take on reviewing her Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection at Kohl's. When I walked into Kohl's and saw the  bright watercolor patterns and crisp suits of Vera's spring line, I was excited. I began grabbing jackets, pants, skirts, shirts, and pretty much everything I could get my hands on, and brought my finds to the fitting room to try them on.

My first outfit is a nice weekend or casual Friday look, with a sheer shirt/sweater combo (which is all in one) retailing for $64 and denim skimmers for $48. Both items were true to size and were comfortable to wear. The only gripe I have about this is that the back pockets on the skimmers were mom jeans-esque, and weren't visible unless wearing a short shirt.

My second look needed a jacket or sweater to go with it to complete the look, but there were no real options that would match in the Simply Vera by Vera Wang line. The twill capris were a bit big, and the metallic lace top was comfortable. Both items are $44. 

I absolutely loved this look, it's very me. The jacquard jacket was actually part of a suit, with matching pants, but the pants didn't fit so well, so I just deconstructed the suit and used the denim skimmers from earlier. Jacquard jacket, $68, denim skimmers, $48, floral jersey top, $40. The matching jacquard pants (in background), $54.

I am obsessed with this jacket. I actually have something similar already in my closet, but it's red. I think I'll be making a return trip when it goes on sale! Cotton navy jacket, $78, black t-shirt, $30, and denim skimmers, $48.

I saw this suit when I first walked in, and although the fabric is very stiff, I love the pattern. It could probably use some fabric softener once you purchase the items, too. Jacket, $68, circle skirt, $48, and sheer shirt, underneath, $48.

I love dresses, I think they're easy and stylish, and make you look put together even if you're having a frump day. That was, until I put on the Simply Vera by Vera Wang dresses. I loved the way this dress looked on the hanger, but after putting it on, I slowly realized it would look better on a girl that lacks any kind of curves. The dress would need leggings and a slip underneath to make it appropriate, as there were pretty big gaps in between the buttons. It was a nice, heavy, crepe material, but just needed to leave more to the imagination! Dress, $98.

I loved the colors of this dress, and thought that the cut would look decent on a girl my size, but I was wrong and disappointed, yet again. Although I grabbed my size, it was a tad large (yay!), and the gathering on the side wasn't very flattering, which is why I was grabbing it in this picture! Dress, $68.

A shapeless mannequin was wearing this dress at the front of the collection, and I loved the way it looked. It was reminiscent of a ballerina's dress, with the watercolor pattern and where it hit below the knee. However, the size was skewed. I grabbed a large, and I was shocked when it was too large in my chest area (a problem I rarely ever have!) and needed a great deal of static guard. I wish it would have fit differently, but it is what it is. Dress, $68.

Overall, I enjoyed the look of the Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection, but was unimpressed by the fabric choices and cut of the dresses. The day that I went to Kohl's, the collection ranged from 20%-35% off, making many of the items a bit more affordable, and if you sign up for their savings card, you can save another 15% off your purchase!

To see the Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection at Kohl's, click Simply Vera by Vera Wang.