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Trying out Prabal Gurung for Target

The Prabal Gurung for Target line has been out since early February, and though I have seen in displayed in the stores, I haven't had a chance to actually try anything on until this past week.  I clearly should not have waited quite so long.  I had to visit a couple of Target stores to find a good selection.  I tried on the bulk of the line at the Walden Ave Store near the Walden Galleria Mall.  Overall I liked the line more than I thought I would.  That is, I liked how the clothes looked better on than on the hanger.  The way the color blocking was done created flattering lines for the dresses.  Most of the garments also fit true to size.

Dress with full skirt-Apple red

This dress was my favorite for several reasons. The material of this dress was different from any other garment from this line. It was a thicker/heavier cotton/nylon blend, and it was fully lined-the fabric and lining made this dress look expensive. Also it had pockets! I love pockets in a dress! I also really liked the pleating and the blocks of black. The triangles of black in the front of dress are super slimming.  The last detail of this dress that I liked was was black at the shoulder-which actually creates the smallest little cap sleeve, which I thought was unique. My only critique of this dress was that it seemed to fit just a bit smaller than the other dresses.  I have a a size 6 in this dress, and it fit, but was snug.  The dress retails for $49.99, but in some stores it was already on clearance for 30% off. 
dress with full skirt-apple red

short sleeve dress in first date print

This dress was fun.  I like that it had color, but not too much color-the black gave it some balance.  It fit well, was comfortable and lightweight.  This dress was also lined, but  no pockets.  It retails for $39.99.
Short sleeve dress in first date print

short sleeve dress in calypso coral

This dress has the same lines as the above dress, with different fabric panels.  This dress also fit well and was lightweight.  The coral and green color is a nice summery look.  My only issue with this dress was the fabric.  It is 100% rayon, and has the crepe paper look and feel.  It's a cute dress, but the fabric makes it look less expensive. This one retails for $39.99, but was on the clearance rack for $27.99
short sleeve dress-calypso coral

color block dress-dresden blue

Again, a dress with flattering color blocking design.  This dress is 98% cotton, and would be a nice spring/summer dress.  I think it could easily be dressed up or down.  Overall, a cute and flattering dress.  I, personally am not crazy about the color combination, but I also don't hate it.  Retailing for $44.99, I don't think it is worth it, but it will most likely go on the clearance rack.
color block dress-dresden blue

ruffle dress-sulphur

I would never ever have tried this dress on if I was not doing this blog review.  The color is way too bright for my taste, it looks yellow on my computer screen, but it is a very bright yellow/green color. Not to mention the name of the color is called sulphur--I don't think "nice color" when I think of sulphur, I think "rotten eggs".  The ruffles and the super high neckline were also off-putting to me.  That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I almost sort of liked this dress.  It is pretty and flowy, and if it was pink it would be too saccharine.  But, the sulfur color does kind of work.  On the Target website, this dress also is available in red. It retails for $39.99, but was on clearance for $29.99.
ruffle dress in sulphur

dress in meet the parents print

I liked this dress as soon as I put it on.  What can I say, I like neutrals, and I love black and white.  This is the same dress as the blue color block dress, with different fabric in the panels.  Simple, and would be a great layering dress.  I would wear a light cardigan and denim jacket over it, with a red shoe-very simple and classic.  This dress retails for $44.99.
dress in meet the parents print

lace front blouse and skirt in meet the parents print

I love this skirt! Circle skirts are just fun and an a-line is flattering on just about everyone.  And, you can't really go wrong with black and white.  This skirt could be paired with so many pieces.  And, then there is the lace front bouse.  I think it looks nice in the picture and online.  But, up close is another story.  The fabric looks and feels cheap-it is 100% polyester.  And the collar is faux leather, which I really cannot stand.  If the shirt was a silk blend with real leather collar, I would like it though.  I like the idea, but not the outcome.  The skirt retails for $29.99, and the blouse for $34.99.
skirt in meet the parents print
lace front blouse

drop waist dress in first date print

This is another dress I would not normally try on, mostly because it is so bright and loud. I don't like the print, but the drop waist dress style is cute.  I specifically like that the bottom ruffle is in a different fabric than the top of the dress-so the ruffle is a very light fabric, giving the dress more movement.  I would love this dress if I could tone down the color.  I should also add the only size left in this dress was an extra small, so this dress shouldn't fit quite as tight as it does on me in this picture.  The dress retails for $34.99, it was on clearace for $24.99.
drop waist dress in first date print

color block pencil skirt and sweater

These two pieces are very simple, so, of course I liked them both.  This skirt is a size 4, and is a size too small (no size 6 left).  The top is lightweight, and would be a good layering piece.  Both retail for @29.99
color block skirt in dresden blue
color block sweater-atlantis green

I really did not like this skirt at all.  I don't like the lace on the bottom, the fabric is yucky 100% polyester. The print is ok, I guess.  The sweater is bright, but I like it, it is just like the above sweater in a different color.  Both are $29.99
pleated skirt in nolita print
color block sweater in sulphur

I also tried on some of the shoes.  They were ok.  Very trendy, so I wouldn't pay full price for any of them.  Very cute though.  Especially the red sandal. They were all $39.99.