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Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls

I have liked some of the Lauren Conrad pieces that I have seen at Kohls, and have tried some on in the past.  I hadn't bought anything previously because the clothing always seemed to fit all wrong all over.  But, I decided to give it another go, and the pieces did seem to fit better than previous seasons.  That being said, this line does run a bit on the small and petite side.  I average a size 6, and while most of the separate pieces fit ok, the size 6 dresses just fit, really I would have to go up to an 8 to be comfortable.  Overall, I liked the line, but there wasn't anything that I had to 

The coral colored denim capri pant was actually very comfortable-it had just the right amount of stretch.  The chiffon-like top was cute and comfortable too.

Again, these denim capri pants are really comfortable and flattering.  I instantly loved this shirt, with lace on top and satin-like material on the bottom. 

This dress is really cute, and one that I may buy when it goes on sale. 

This is the same dress from the back------->

Another cute dress, and with pockets!

These floral jaquard jeans were super cute, but had a little too much stretchiness for my taste.  I really like this jacket, it is nice soft material.

This dress was cute, and it fit the best...because it was a size 8, haha.