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Q&A With AR Stylists

Although everybody's needs are different when it comes to clothing options, AR Stylists sees a trend with questions that are commonly asked. We decided to have a little Q&A session complete with examples...

- What should I wear on a first date?  While you should dress for the occasion, you shouldn't dress in anything too trendy. Opt for something you feel comfortable and your best in. Make sure it isn't too revealing. A good standby is a nice dark pair of tailored jeans, a feminine top, blazer and heels. 

- What should I wear to my office holiday party? It depends if it's in office or out of office. If it's in office, opt for tailored suiting in festive colors and sparkly accents. If it's out of the office, reach for a classy cocktail dress and step it up a notch. 

- I have a class reunion coming up, what would look best? We always opt for a LBD when in doubt. Don't wear dresses? Then we recommend a tailored tuxedo pant suit or evening suit. Is it being held in a casual atmosphere? Then a sundress or maxi dress always looks put together and fuss free. 

- I have a formal job interview and want to look professional. Any tips? Tone it down and be conservative! Neutral shoes with a small heel, a pressed, tailored suit, and button down is the best way to go. 

- Does the rule to not wear white to a wedding unless you're the bride still hold true? It is still generally frowned upon, even in today's liberal society. Go for a cocktail dress in a sophisticated print or a sleek pantsuit instead.