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Two Girls Changing Buffalo One Wardrobe at a Time

Wardrobe Stylists and Personal Shoppers based in Buffalo, NY

Family Photo Shoot with Becca Sutherland Photography

 The second photo shoot that Becca Sutherland of Becca Sutherland Photography approached us with the idea for was a family photo shoot. We wanted to have a ready and willing family with one of the parents having their own small business, and also do the shoot somewhere different than the typical park setting. We asked Amanda's sister, author Kate Karyus Quinn, and her husband, Andrew Quinn, owner of Boulevard Productions, and their children to be our models, and they agreed. We also had the idea of doing the shoot at the Theatre of Youth on Allen Street in Buffalo. The morning of the shoot was like a whirlwind! We fixed everybody up, and the kids were energetic, but were very well behaved and hammed it up in front of the camera! We want to thank Kate Karyus Quinn, Andrew Quinn, Bob from Theatre of Youth, and Jess from Ziglets Creative for your contributions to the shoot! We love how the pictures came out!