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Alexis Bares All! (Of Her Mid-drift)

I dress very conservatively. I don't like showing a lot of skin, and want people to notice me for what I say, rather than for my body. My favorite go-to outfit is a high cut tunic, leggings, and my trusty riding boots. One of the trends I have been seeing over and over are the mid-drift baring tops. I didn't think I'd ever see the day that I'd don one of them, until I decided to see if the trend works for curvy girls.

After dropping 40 pounds, I was still dressing like I was much heavier. Friends and family members were encouraging me to start wearing more fitted clothing, and to start to show a little skin. It wasn't until after trying on the mid-drift tops today that I began to see that I had a decent body under all of the stylish layers I was putting myself in.

I first went into one of my favorite stores, H&M. H&M has the trendy clothes of the season at an attractive price. I found a couple cropped tops that weren't too junior-esque and went to the fitting room to see how ridiculous or not ridiculous I would look.

My first outfit was a black quilted long sleeved top ($24.95) paired with a sheer white maxi skirt ($9.95). I was very surprised that it wasn't vulgar looking, and actually quite classy and demure.

I loved the way the next blush colored top with black polka dots ($17.95) looked on the hanger, but once I put it on, I soon realized that it was best suited for a girl that doesn't have such a large chest. I paired it with a full black skirt with pockets ($34.95) which I fell in love with and decided to add to my own wardrobe!

I then walked to JC Penney to check out the I <3 Ronson Line. There was a very chic looking black and white striped cropped top ($36) and I found a cute high waisted pencil skirt ($30) to pair it with. I loved the way this looked, it was very flattering, and would be adorable for dinner with the girls. 

All in all, not bad for having a burrito for lunch! Tips to make this trend look more adult chic and appropriate for over 30: 
- Make sure the top isn't cut low, you're already showing your mid section, don't go overboard!
- Don't go overboard on showing skin on your lower half, either. A high waisted skirt or pants give you a peek of your midsection, keeping things classy. 
- If you have a large chest, like I do, look for details that will draw the eye away from that area, like a jeweled neckline or solid color and choose a top that isn't so fitted, but also isn't shapeless and drapey.

The best advice I can give is that not every trend is made to work with every body type, but just because you're not a twiggy model doesn't mean you can't at least give it a try. Who knows, some of your body insecurities could take a back seat and you may find some of that inner body confidence you may have been lacking!