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Finding a Sports Bra for a Fuller Figure

Hi AR Stylists fans! It's Alexis, and I am so excited to share some news with you! Ladies, if you're like me, you have problems finding clothing and undergarments to fit your large chest. Going into a store and picking a shirt, bathing suit, or bra right off the rack and having it fit perfectly only happens in our dreams. I have been on the hunt for a really great sports bra for about 5 months now. My other ones just plain hurt me- they are the racerback style, and holding your breasts up by the back of your neck results in a bad headache, back and neck pain, and sometimes, slight brush burns and bruises. Sometimes I would even have to double or triple up on my bras, depending on my activity level. I knew that there had to be something else out there that would hold me in better, not give me a headache, and not constrict my breathing.

I began by going to plenty of department and sporting goods stores, but they don't really carry any sizes above a 36DD. I'm a 38DDD (same as a 38F), and nothing would fit the way it should. Plus, most bras that are my size or larger would be special orders, which would drive the cost up more. I began doing research online, scouring blogs, fuller figured websites, and came across THE most amazing sports bra I have ever seen (your opinion may be different)! I found this glorious contraption on, and it is the Donna Karan Intimates Signature Active Sport Bra. First off, it comes in my size (yay)! Second, it has extra cushioning on its adjustable bra straps for comfort and support. It isn't a racerback, has an outer underwire, and also has 2 separate cups so you don't get the uni-boob effect. It certainly isn't an inexpensive undergarment, priced at $54 pre tax, but this investment would surely be worth it. To be able to exercise without pain is something I haven't experienced since Middle School! I ordered one to try it out, and if I ended up liking it, I would be sure to order another to hold me over. The reviews of this particular bra were all positive, so I was put a bit more at ease while punching in my credit card numbers at the checkout. (I found a coupon code for this website that gave me 10% off, you can Google search for any promo codes that may take your total down)

Once the bra arrived less than a week later, I couldn't wait to try it on. My mother and one of my aunts happened to be over, and they also have the same bra size issues that I do. They were just as eager as I was to see if I had found the Holy Sports Bra Grail. After adjusting the straps, I took a deep breath, turned around in the mirror, and loved what I saw. My ladies were securely held in, my breathing was not constricted, and there was no pain anywhere. I jumped a few times and then ran out to show my family. They proceeded to write down the website and the bra model so they could go and order their own! I attended an intense Zumba class later that evening and smiled the whole time, for I had no pain while jumping around and dancing, unlike the previous class with my old bras. This bra is perfect for a high impact activity, like Zumba or running, and you don't have to worry about having to double up on your bras. The microfiber material is comfortable, and washes well. I ordered another that night and they will both be in regular rotation on my workout days.

Some details you should look for when searching for a fuller figured bra are at least 3 hook and eye closures, padded shoulder straps, an underwire, and adjustable straps. I typically look for full coverage, and with everyday bras, I go for a minimizer. Maidenform makes some great bras with minimizers for fuller figures.

The Freshpair website also has plenty of other options for sports bras and sizes, and remember, not every brand/size is going to work for everyone. Try it out, and read the reviews. A comfortable and supportive bra, just like a man, is difficult to find. Once you found the right one, you just know! Donna Karan, you are my hero! I only wished I knew about this sports bra about a decade ago!

To check out this bra for yourself, click here.
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