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How to Mix and Match Color Using the Color Wheel

If you've ever stood in front of your closet and scratched your head wondered how to mix and match colors in your wardrobe, you're not alone. It's a question we get asked quite a bit. It isn't a huge mystery, but there is a theory behind it. Enter the color wheel. The color wheel is the perfect guide to getting you a whistle and a holler worthy look!

Let's use the wheel and divide it into 2 sections... warm and cool tones. This will help you choose a color palette to build your wardrobe around. 

Warm Hues:
Do you have a preference for reds, oranges and yellows? You will want to go for the warm tones in the color palette. You can finish your look with neutrals that have a yellow undertone: browns, olives, and creams. Think a red dress with a classic tan trench coat and a pair of nude rounded toe patent leather pumps. The red dress is the star, and the other pieces won't compete with it. 

Cool Tones:
If you lean towards blues, greens and purples, you have a thing for the cool tones. Work some neutrals in that have a blue undertone such as black, grey, and white to complete your outfit. For example, a pair of mint colored skinny jeans with a chambray top paired with a heather grey boyfriend cardigan sweater and black flats. 

It isn't too difficult, right? And, if the mystery is still just that, call or email us so we can help you find the perfect wardrobe for you!