AR Stylists

Two Girls Changing Buffalo One Wardrobe at a Time

Wardrobe Stylists and Personal Shoppers based in Buffalo, NY

Did you know that we only wear 20% of what is in our closets? Maybe you have great clothes in your closet, but are not sure how to put a look together. Maybe you just need to streamline your wardrobe and organize your closet to make getting ready easier. Maybe you are going to be moving and need to pare down your closet and do a purge before packing.

We will go through your closet with you and assess how you shop.  Some items will go, some will stay.  At the end, we will set up outfits from your existing wardrobe and organize what is left. We can also advise on what items may be missing to complete your wardrobe.  We can figure out what garments need tailoring, which may save you from having to spend money on more clothes.  Tailoring and re-purposing clothing is not only budget friendly, but also earth friendly!

Our services run $50/hour.