AR Stylists

Two Girls Changing Buffalo One Wardrobe at a Time

Wardrobe Stylists and Personal Shoppers based in Buffalo, NY

Q: How far in advance do I need to book your services?

A: Everybody's needs are different, but typically we book 2 weeks out for personal shopping trips, as a lot of research is needed on our end to ensure a successful trip. Closet edits can typically be scheduled much sooner, depending on our availability, within a week. 

Q: Is it absolutely necessary to have an in person consultation prior to a personal shopping trip?

A: Yes, we have much more success with personal shopping trips when we meet our clients ahead of time. We get a feel for your personality, your size and shape, and more of what your needs are. Consultations are free, so spending a half an hour to an hour with us is well worth your time!


Q: What happens if we don't find anything on our scheduled personal shopping trip?

A: While our success rate is very high, there is always the chance that we may not find everything that we are looking for- we are only human and some stores just may not have the inventory we were hoping for. In those instances, we will find items that we didn't find in stores online. We will send you the links (often with promotion codes to save you some $) and you can shop online at your own convenience.