AR Stylists

Two Girls Changing Buffalo One Wardrobe at a Time

Wardrobe Stylists and Personal Shoppers based in Buffalo, NY

"I absolutely loved my experience with AR Stylists! Alexis was so kind from the first meeting to the last. Even when we went shopping, she ran to get the clothes, doing all of the leg work, and the clothes she chose I loved! I wore them to the first day of school and probably on my last! The process was one to remember! I highly recommend trying this. It shows you a different perspective on shopping and your body and gives you the confidence to shop and wear cute clothes! Thank you so much, Alexis, front the bottom of my heart!"
-Michaella K.
AR Stylists made great selections that fit my personal style and “quirkiness”! They were efficient and found incredible deals, 50% off! I feel like a million bucks in my new professional and casual wardrobes!
— Pat W
Shopping with AR Stylists was a great experience. They helped me see clothing in a different light by showing me that easy outfits are not just tee shirts, jeans, and cardigans. They showed me that I can put together a great outfit in minutes that makes me look and feel fantastic! I am happy to say that I feel confident in my new look thanks to Amanda & Alexis!
— Kim S
Having AR Stylists put together outfits for our family photo session took so much weight off my shoulders. I wanted my husband, two children, and myself to look coordinated without looking too matchy-matchy. I also didn’t want to go out and buy everyone brand new clothes. Having AR Stylists come into my home simplified the entire process. Entire outfits for every person, from shirts all the way down to shoes, were pulled together from our own closets. Now when I look at the family photos from our shoot, instead of wishing we’d worn something else, I am 100% thrilled with the results
— Kate Q
AR Stylists helped to show me clothing options that are a great fit for my body and my lifestyle; clothes that I never would have picked for myself, but make me look and feel great!
— Kim S
AR Stylists knocked it out of the park for my wedding! From dress shopping with me, accessorizing, shoes, going shopping with my bridesmaids and picking out the suits and ties for my guys! It took so much stress off my shoulders! Thank you, again!
— Chelsea K